living in tenerife pros and consliving in tenerife pros and cons

This video aims to share the biggest pros and cons of living in Tenerife/Canary Islands that I cou. Quiet Nightlife. This means that my private property, namely my house could be taken by some civil servant and I would become broke and homeless since my only home is in Spain. 2. However, if youre happy to live in pretty much any British city, the Canary Islands shouldnt be a big concern. And it isnt just travel that makes our remote location challenging. Pros And Cons Of Living In Nashville. The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination thanks to their great weather and constant proximity to the sea. Chow! I have never felt anything other than completely safe on this island. Depending on whether or not you buy into UK TV when youre here, and we dont, you might find yourself in a cultural Black Hole. At the Correos (Post Office), everything except postcards has to be weighed and stamped. Surely it is also a matter of habit. Although I used to go to the Spain mainland every month, it wasnt enough. As someone who lived in Tenerife for oneyear, I believe I can show you some good and bad sides of the island. After all, if you did, there would be far better places to choose than the Canaries. Friendly To sanitized UK shopper eyes, its not always what you want to see but its honest and real and fresh and local. If youre considering living in the Canary Islands, youll have to make your peace with the tourism boom. If youve got consistently great weather to enjoy then youll probably want loads of great restaurants to visit. Hi!Are you planning to move to Tenerife or Canary Islands? It certainly sounds like youve got a plan and I wish you every success and happiness in your new life. Light, thin clothes also let the sun through to damage your skin. These simply represent our experiences. Pros. There's just something in the air when it comes to New York City. How did you decide where to live in the Canary Islands? Thank you for your article. Pros: - Lots of nomads. We moved to Spain in June 2017. As a result of Brexit you will also have to apply for residency and there will be criteria to meet in order to be allowed to stay beyond 3 months. Available from Amazon. My place is in Costa adeje down south. This Nevada city rests in the middle of the Mojave Desert, which is ranked as the hottest and most arid landscape in the continental U.S. Let's start by exploring 25 amazing advantages of living in Toronto. After travelling the world I think this place is the best I have ever been to, although I will agree with the notion you ought to take a trip abroad every once in a while. However, there are many good nightclubs in the south of the island. Access to quality health care. Tenerife is 64% cheaper than New York City. [], You know that feeling, when the last day of your holiday looms and you head to the beach or the pool, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and wish you could stay [], Its true that Tenerife has felt cooler than normal this winter but thats not necessarily the reason that the Santa Cruceros were in woolly winter gear []. thanks Robert. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Very accessible. In short, living on the Canary Islands offers everything you might have experienced while on holiday there. The meat counters have entire skinned rabbits and piglets alongside more familiar cuts of beef, pork and lamb. But it also depends on a number of other factors whether that includes rent, where anyone is looking to live as well as personal lifestyles. The biggest difference is that properties are notably cheaper; for example, you could find a central apartment for 65,000 or so. 2. Importantly, food is much cheaper and is pretty much always good quality. I noted your comments regarding language, did you guys have a grasp of Spanish before you moved there? As youd expect, rent is considerably cheaper; you can find a good apartment in a city centre for around 500 a month. . Whichever island you pick, you can be sure the weather will be great. Although I'm clearly biased, I think I managed to keep my list fairly balanced. The weather is pretty much always amazing, the food is great, and youll never run out of things to do, even if its just spending the day on the beach relaxing! Expensive accommodation in tourist resorts. Low cost of living. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The main difference between the bigger islands is how developed and populated they are. The same goes for buying property. So anyone who has a stable income either through dividends or pension will really enjoy here. Hi. Published: 12 April 2022 12:56 CEST. Our move was a business decision as well as a personal choice. The weather: Is great, at least here in South Tenerife. Comment with your question below and we will do our best to help. Its also worth paying for independent surveys before agreeing to a sale. Any input in that regard is greatly appriciated. Finally would I recommend it? Total. The first cons about living in Thailand is the traffic. 10 Best Places To Live In Spain For Expats: 2023 Review, Living In The Canary Islands: The Pros & Cons For Expats, The Insider Guide To Living In Malaga As An Expat, The Essential Guide To Living In Valencia As An Expat, Taxes In Spain For Residents & Non-Residents. I think it's the best of the Canary Islands for remote workers. Here in the north were lucky enough to also get a half decent amount of rain a couple of months a year, so we get the best of all worlds, great summers, spring-likewinters and lush landscapes. And for personal recreation, safe bicycling routes? There are some lovely churches and other architectural pieces. The island is home to long sandy beaches, mountain ranges, an abundance of flowers and amazing Teide volcano. A family costs: $3,868 per month. Youre never too far from one, meaning its super easy to arrange an impromptu trip whenever you feel like it. Trying to buy things online is more restricted with many places not delivering to the Canary Islands, or if they do, at inflated p&p costs. We have been to other Canary Islands, but we fell in love with Tenerife! Due to the close proximity of the islands, Tenerife is the perfect base for island-hopping. If youve ever been to the Canaries then youll already have a good idea of everything they have to offer. Hi. The price of utilities isnt as low as youd expect. [More Information], Copyright 2023 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes. Accessibility to Nature. Youd also have to consider what market you were aiming at residents or locals, and that would be dependant on where you planned to open. There are clearly many advantages of living in the city. Tenerife usually has the cloud-free sky due to the wind which blows across the Atlantic. I have been thinking of moving to Tenerife for some time for many reasons which consist of the following assumptions: The temperatures in La Laguna can be 3 to 6 degrees lower than in Santa Cruz. Supermarket shelves are brimming with loose fruit and vegetables, a tide of varying sizes, colours and shapes that ebbs and flows with different varieties according to the season. Unlike wills, trusts require that you give up direct ownership of that property. Your email address will not be published. There are more flights to Tenerife from the UK (4hrs 25 mins) than any other island. Public transport isnt expensive, and travelling between islands is super easy. Siobhan, Hi Siobhan, You havent really told me what youd like advice on. We loved living in the north of Tenerife and would never even consider living in the south but we know many people for whom the exact opposite is true! 11. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. La Gomera is another lesser-known island. High cost of living. Andy. Our friends moved back to UK and said that there is more to life than sunshine! There have been terrorist attacks in the past, but the government has taken measures to improve security. Such a mild climate without hush extremes is considered one of the healthiest climates for us, humans to be in. Resort islands will usually be more expensive for everything from property to food prices. However, even in the south, head away from the coast and into the hills and again, youll mainly find only Spanish spoken. There are many pros and cons to living in Australia. Still, it may help you feel less homesick for your country of birth if you have people to associate with in a similar predicament as you. PRO: Affordability. We are currently looking for people 30 years old and older who wants to share their story in a documentary film for the Danish TV that will explore the difficulties and rewards, ups and downs, light and darks of having left your home country and chose to come Gran Canaria for a big life changing experience. As with most tourist destinations, its fair to assume that most of the crime occurs during the busy season. Hi interesting article, what are the standard costs of living in Tenerife ie,local taxes, broadband, etc. I doubt I would ever move, but I have been contemplating a 1 month visit next winter, by which time I will be 65. Sometimes Google maps will not work, so youll need to ask locals for the direction. Many Tenerife digital nomads find themselves in the south of the island, embracing the year-round sunshine and party atmosphere. The first time I visited San Cristobal de la Laguna, which is only 7 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I experienced the big temperature change in short distance. The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". The others are Biosphere Reserves, which should give you some idea of the quality and beauty of the local scenery. Amazing. 1. I very much doubt this Law will be approved and if so, will be most likely challenged as unconstitutional by the PP party. Little choice of products to buy. I am married and have 3 young children. But I personally think that moving to Tenerife can be fun only if its short-term. People . Can you give us advice ? It seems to me that families on Tenerife have a greater shared interest in spending quality time together; time on the beach rather then in front of a Playstation, and in the plaza with their friends rather than in the bedroom alone. We are a couple in mid 50s and would not be working. So if everything happens in Spanish on Tenerife then that is already a step up from Barcelona Here, the local CAP only answers the phone in Catalan, work contracts are only issued in Catalan (even from government research institutes), tax forms are usually only obtainable in Catalan as the Spanish ones are out of print, etc. Gran Canaria is the third-largest island but easily has the most varied terrain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Of course, once you pass the 2 year initial period you have to pay the full fee of 270 which can be steep but hopefully the income will have gone up a bit after 2 years. For spectators, I have seen that Puerto de la Cruz has a baseball team in the Spanish League. Our guide on Renting A Property In Spain will help you to understand the process and avoid possible pitfalls. The summers can be brutal when you start living in Tennessee. In the few years leading up to the day we made the big move, May 5th, 1992, my then wife and I had been holidaying on the island as often as we could afford, as I, for one, had fallen in love with the place. In this guide, well cover all the important topics you need to know if youre considering a life in the Canaries. With routes to our favourite sights, museums, galleries, parks, plazas, restaurants and more, these guides are your key to Tenerife towns & Cities. Required fields are marked *. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2023 - Expatra Ltd. UK Company Number 09686420. Cons of living in Japan. Thanks very much for this quick reply. The thing I loved most about Tenerife was that there are all kinds of fresh tropical fruits at every market. I would be interested to hear more about this and how would people like me, and there are many such people who likely do not even know this is in the pipeline, be affected by it. On the plus side, that sunshine is priceless, as are those mild winters which mean youre not paying out anything like the money on heating that you do in the UK. Last night we sat on the beach at midnight in Los . This option is much cheaper, so for example, youll need to pay 1.05 on trams instead of 1.35. If you need to look for a job, it will be tough (next to impossible now). 1. Now 30 years later, happily remarried and retired from work, we are thinking of moving. Learn how your comment data is processed. Andy . Also the big plus is that hubby could work from Tenerife and gets to keep his UK job. Well, youre in luck, as the Canaries have plenty of great (and inexpensive) restaurants. Also other friends are looking in Puerto del Sol in Mallorca. Mild winters. It might seem obvious, but living on an island does take some adjustment. Let's explore the pros and the cons! It doesn't take long to figure out the pros and cons. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Buying a house Pros: Land value - As an owner of the freehold, you have land value as well as the value of the bricks and mortar and interior space, as is the case with buying a flat. Those who pay taxes in the Canaries have the perception that they are making an honest payment, in exchange for a decent lifestyle; Hi Susan, here you can find all the info about bringing your pets to the islands: Just type the country you are interested in in the search bar. On sale in PDF and Kindle formats. a resident in Spain and a relative of an insured person. If youre concerned about the crime rate, living in a rural area will be better. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. There are of course many more factors to take into account when considering the best place for your retirement. You dont have to travel far on Tenerife to find yourself in the midst of stunning landscapes with wide open spaces all around you. The first request for a Therbetha was met with a loud QUE?. Epic music scene. Crowded coastal towns due to the presence of many tourists. Your email address will not be published. Low cost of higher education. Fuel prices are low as well as car rentals, so it can be cheaper than using public transportation. People who have lived in multiple European Countries have found Cyprus one of Europe's safest countries. Residents of urban areas may struggle with their mental health. Monthly rent costs: $875 per month. In short, day trips between islands are never out of the question. This is apurely personal point of view and one based on being self employed and living in the north of the island. i found this out from a government official who explained everything about the history of tenerife to us. I would be interested to hear a bit more about how will the proposed law (July 2022), Mr Sanchez (the current president) proposed a few months ago, aimed to be deployed during the state of alarm (Covid 19 from 15/03/2020 to 30/06/2020 was one such event) whereby citizens private property may be ceased for public use. Low-quality education. I really want to learn as much as I can about any family history as well. Santa Cruz in the north is where more jobs can be found. Thanks, Julie. im a therapist, specialising in medically undiagnosable pain syndromes. The cost of living is cheaper in the Canary Islands than in the UK, USA or Northern Europe. El Hierro is a good choice if you want a quieter life in the Canary Islands and dont mind travelling for larger shopping trips and days out. Perhaps on your next visit you can seek out an abogado (lawyer) locally someone who specialises in employment law and can give you accurate advice. The south is home to resorts, beaches and tourism industry jobs. Any advice on places to life in Tenerife would be welcome. The weather Sooner or later, the claustrophobia of small island living gets to everyone and when that happens, the need to escape to somewhere different is hampered by the distance from mainland Europe. There are two airlines flying between the islands:BinterandCanaryFly. We dont have children so have no idea what the cost of schooling would be. Out of its 150,000-person population, around 5% are British expats. After visiting Paris several times and now living in the capital for a year and a half, I came up with 16 positive and 16 negative aspects about life in Paris. Lebanese food is popular with Canarios, there are some excellent Lebanese restaurants in non-touristy locations.

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