simple web page using semantic tags in html5 hackerrank

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area. However it doesn’t have anything in it yet… Now go to W3Schools – HTML. The term semantic markup is usually referred to the practice of using the correct tags or elements of HTML/HTML5 for better content labeling. HTTP to HTTPS: 7 Best Practices for Top Ranking, 8 Ways to Protect E-Commerce Customer Data, HTTP vs HTTPS: How Security Affects Your SEO, HTTP to HTTPS: A Complete Guide to Securing Your Website #semrushchat, Why You Should Move Your Site to HTTPS: SEMrush Data Study, The Three Pillars of Answer Engine Optimization, Discovering, Crawling, Extracting, and Indexing at Bing. Unlike the
element, the semantic elements are intended to be used for a specific purpose. Nav element – Main navigation menu links would all be placed in a